About Us

Hi!  We're Jessi and Kwaku - friends, neighbors, and the co-founders of ALOMO Books.  "ALOMO" (pronounced uh-LOW-mow) stands for "A Library of My Own."  

As the parents of Black children, we believe that every child deserves to find themselves in engaging and joyful storybooks.  Our primary goal in forming ALOMO is to help children in our communities develop a life-long love of learning while building empowerment and self-esteem.  Historical and non-fiction books are great, but we believe that by creating an immersive experience around exceptional picture books, we can help our children find joy time and again in their favorite books.

We are working hard to partner with our story tellers to significantly increase the number of and improve access to quality children’s story books featuring Black characters written and/or illustrated by storytellers of color.  As such, ALOMO removes existing barriers to access for Black authors and illustrators by creating our own marketplace and bringing the publishing industry along with us.  We believe in bringing you those wonderful books that simply don't have a huge marketing budget on their own.

And as we grow, we aspire to create jobs and economic opportunity for historically disadvantaged populations by becoming vertically integrated and adopting conscious employment principals.

Contact Us:  We’d love to hear from you!  Do your kids love our boxes?  Are you an educator who’d like some help identifying engaging books for your classroom?  Are you a storyteller who wants us to highlight your book?  Drop us a line below and tell us your story.  Thanks for joining us on this journey!